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ACC Season Kicks Off Friday Night

Fourteen games on tap for Friday night's debuts.

ACC mascots are ready to get things going
ACC mascots are ready to get things going

The season kicks off Friday and the ACC has a full slate:

  • BC vs. Providence
  • Maryland vs. UConn
  • Cornell vs. Syracuse
  • Stetson vs. Clemson
  • Savannah State vs. Pitt
  • Miami (Ohio) vs. Notre Dame
  • James Madison vs. Virginia
  • Colgate vs. Wake Forest
  • Appalachian vs. State
  • Presbyterian vs. Georgia State
  • Jacksonville vs. Florida State
  • Oakland vs. UNC
  • St. Francis vs. Miami

Most of the games are opening night dogs, naturally, with a few exceptions: Duke's game with Davidson is pretty good (covered elsewhere on DBR), BC and Providence isn't bad, and Maryland and UConn are both recovering programs.

Otherwise? No one should lose: in the choice word of Vizzini: "inconceivable!" Which as we learned in Princess Bride means that it is entirely conceivable.

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