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ACC Roundup

A Syracuse exhibition, Greensboro's ACC previews and a possible Clemson sleeper.

Can Jordan Roper be an ACC surprise?
Can Jordan Roper be an ACC surprise?

Preview season is upon us, which is a wonderful time to read North Carolina newspapers. The Greensboro News & Record has a nice package out and the N&O's we understand comes Friday.

Brett Friedlander continues his one-man review of ACC teams, this time with N.C. State getting the once-over.

No big deal in the big scheme of things, but Syracuse beat something called Ryerson in an exhibition game, 81-46.

Here's Jim Delaney saying that the Big Ten is ready for Maryland next year. Perhaps he means to install wire cages around the court to catch the water bottles and heated pennies Maryland fans are fond of throwing.

Meanwhile, Mark Turgeon, after a disappointing season last year, sees a better attitude this fall, a theme the Washington Post picks up on as well.

Since Clemson is usually not able to recruit against Duke and UNC and the likes, the Tigers have to mine more carefully and hope promising recruits pan out. It really works out sometimes - Larry Nance, the Grants, and now perhaps, Jordan Roper.

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