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ACC Roundup

Not a glorious day for the conference. Not by a long shot.

State coach Mark Gottfried may feel some heat after the Pack lost to N.C.C.U. Wednesday night.
State coach Mark Gottfried may feel some heat after the Pack lost to N.C.C.U. Wednesday night.
Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

When we started paying attention to the State-Central game, the Pack was down by about five in the first half. We figured this was one of those games where the home team would snap out of it in the second half and pull away.

Thursday's ACC Action
Teams Times TV
UConn vs. BC 7:00 ESPN2
UCF vs. Miami 7:00 ESPN3
The Citadel vs. Wake Forest 7:00 ESPN3
FSU vs. VCU 7:30 ESPNU
Temple vs. Clemson 8:00 ESPN3
Wednesday's Results
  • NCCU 82 NC State 72
  • Dayton 82 Georgia Tech 72
  • Pitt 77 Lehigh 58
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Didn't happen: State did have one of the highlight moments of the year when walk-on Patrick Wallace hit a three to put the game into overtime, but Central just took over again and won by 10.

It's hard not to be happy for Central, as the team (and school) are perpetually overshadowed by Duke, UNC and, until Wednesday night anyway, State.

As great as the win is, though, it's problematic and here's why: Central scored 82 points. Exactly half of those came from the foul line.

A total of 57 fouls were called in this game. All of State's starters fouled out except for Tyler Lewis, who finished with four. Beejay Anya finished with four as well.

You can invert the starters for Central: four finished with four fouls and one starter fouled out. Central's Jeremy Ingram took 21 by himself.

Remarkably, the Eagles hit 41-45 from the line while State hit just 23-33.

We know there's a major focus on cleaning up the game, but when one team scores half of its points from the line and 57 fouls are called, you need to look at things. It's really out of whack.

The final score was 82-72, which by coincidence was the exact score of the Dayton-Georgia Tech game.

Almost as many fouls called here, with 52.

Pitt beat Lehigh 77-58. We'd make a joke here but not about Lehigh.

Thursday's a busy night with UConn renewing its rivalry with B.C., Central Florida at Miami, Wake hosting the Citadel, FSU playing VCU in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, and Clemson playing Temple in the Charleston Classic.

Given B.C.'s struggles to date, we don't have much hope for them. Miami should beat Central Florida and Wake should take the Citadel, currently coached by one Chuck Driesell, son of the Lefthander.

VCU might be a stretch for FSU currently, but the 'Noles appear to be getting a groove back.  And Temple is not up to the usual Temple standards, at least so far this season, which has to give Clemson some hope.