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ACC Roundup

It's looking like a brutal year for Miami, and Tuesday could be an ugly day for the conference at large, too.

You can almost count the fans on one hand
You can almost count the fans on one hand
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech won by 18 over Delaware State but it wasn't a cakewalk or anything. DSU pushed the Yellowjackets on the boards, winning that battle by just a pair.

ACC Tuesday Night Action
Teams Times TV
West Va. vs. Va. Tech 1:00 pm ESPN
NCSU vs. Cincinnati 5:00 pm ESPN
Fresno State vs. Pitt 7:00 pm RSN
VMI vs. Wake Forest 7:00 pm ESPN3
VCU vs. Virginia 7:00 pm ESPN2
Fordham vs. Syracuse 7:30 pm ESPN3
Monday's ACC Results
Georgia Tech 68 Delaware State 50
Miami 81 Georgia Southern 80

ACC Standings

With the Hornets hitting 18 from three point range to Tech's six, a big part of Tech's margin came on the line: Tech outscored Delaware State by 12 on freebies, hitting 18-20 for 90%: impressive!

Trae Golden hit 7-10 for 16. Marcus Georges-Hunt hit for 12, while Robert Carter, Jr., added 11.

What can you say about Miami? Poor Miami? Seems insufficient: after losing to St. Francis in OT, Miami just barely survived another OT game with Georgia Southern, winning 81-80.

Manu Lecomte hit a pair of free throws to ice the victory, but Georgia Southern apparently couldn't do better than a 30-point shot with nine seconds left.

Like Georgia Tech, Miami bucked an early ACC trend of poor foul shooting: the 'Canes were 25-29 from the line for 86.2%.

Donnavan Kirk led the way with 18 points and 10 boards.

Miami will redshirt freshman guard Deandre Burnett, who broke a wrist. Jim Larranaga said he was doing really well prior to the injury.

The Duke-Kansas game will suck all the ACC life out of TV Tuesday night, but there's another damn good game as VCU comes to Charlottesville for a long-awaited grudge match.  As you may remember, VCU coach Shaka Smart said VCU was the best program in the state.

What makes this game so much fun is the difference in styles. Virginia wants to control tempo; VCU wants to annihilate it.

Our money's on Virginia. VCU is basically a one-trick pony. When you can handle the pressure, the Rams have no real second trick; it's cry havoc and hope it works. The dogs of war ain't coming otherwise.

Smart himself somewhat verified this, telling Sports Illustrated in February that "If you watch tape with me, the possessions where we heat up the ball, something good happens. And the possessions where we don't, where we run and try to trap a guy who's not under pressure? Something bad tends to happen -- an open three, an easy shot."

You can elaborate that a bit to this: it's a tough defense in the open court, but in the half court, VCU is fairly normal.

It'll be interesting to see Virginia's core in this game. For the last few years, VCU may or may not have been better, but it was certainly a more athletic team than was UVa. With Justin Anderson, Anthony Gill, Malcolm Brogden, Joe Harris, Akil Rogers and several other guys, Virginia's athleticism is really, really good. We'll see.

Otherwise, the ACC may have a rough night. State might be competitive with Cincy, but the Pack could get run back to Raleigh, too. Desmond Lee is showing some real promise though and could develop into a really good player.

We're not expecting much from Virginia Tech, to be honest, and VMI and Wake Forest is like a mini-me to the UVa-VCU game. VMI loves to run and Wake prefers to suppress. Something has to give.

It's entirely possible that the ACC could lose every game Tuesday.

Correction - we're still trying to get used to the new teams and forgot to list Pitt's and Syracuse's games. So let's revise that forecast because no way Syracuse loses and we'll be surprised if Pitt does too.