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ACC Roundup

Virginia Tech reaches a new low.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

About the best thing you can say about losing to USC Upstate is that at least it was Virginia Tech's first game of the season: how much worse could it get than that? Quick, name Upstate's mascot and conference: didn't think so.

To make things even worse, the Hokies didn't score for the last four minutes of the game - at home.

Things could get worse on Tuesday: Virginia Tech hosts West Virginia and Bob Huggins, not a guy noted for compassion for weaker teams.

On Sunday, BC takes on UMass Amherst and Notre Dame takes on Stetson. Neither should be much of a challenge.

Maryland struggled against UConn without a point guard, and that's a fair statement. But things don't always go your way and you have to adjust. That's part of what makes this comment from Dez Wells so disappointing:

"It’s my first full game playing the point guard position. I’m sorry if anybody thought I was going to come in and be Trey Burke or a natural point guard. That’s not me. I just wanted to do what I could for my team to get the win for us."

Sounds like he's feeling the pressure a bit.

Here's a riddle: who would a) punish someone for playing church league ball with 30-year-olds and b) not significantly punish new revelations of academic misconduct?

It's a trick question of course: only the NCAA would punish a kid for playing in a church league. That's right. Nathan Harries played three times in a church league in Dunwoody Georgia and lost his freshman year. Meanwhile, we learn that the NCAA is not likely to punish UNC for outright academic fraud.

What can you even say to people who think like this? A kid plays ball in the Patriot League, actually takes school seriously, and is banned for church league ball? And UNC is allowed to pump football and basketball players through no-show classes and not get punished?

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