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Duke Shocks Virginia Tech In Blacksburg, 13-10, Now Bowl Eligible


Anthony Boone Leads Duke To An Upset Of Virginia Tech
Anthony Boone Leads Duke To An Upset Of Virginia Tech
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

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It's hard to put into words what this win means for Duke football: bowl-eligible for the second straight year, a winning season almost secured and a quality win over a quality opponent.

And it wasn't a fluke. Duke held Virginia Tech scoreless for nearly three quarters (the Hokies finally scored a touchdown with 11 seconds left in the third) and added a field goal shortly after.

And when Virginia Tech's defense really held Duke down, including a stretch in the fourth when the offense threatened to fall apart completely before regaining its equilibrium, Duke's defense stood up and carried the day.

The Hokies had a chance to tie on a field goal and missed. After that, Duke simply won the defensive battle. If you'd have asked 100 pundits before the game how Duke might win, we'd bet nine out of 10 would have said it's up to the offense.

Not this time.

This program is growing up, and it's a joy to watch it happen.