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Bob Cousy's Finest Hour

For better or worse, people tend to use stereotypes as a form of shorthand. We all do it in various ways and to various degrees. The Dumb Jock stereotype is one; so is the jock-as-stud, the idea that (male athletes anyway) will sleep with anything with a pulse. Guys like Magic Johnson and Sean Kemp lend weight to the image, but plenty of guys go against it. Take Tim Tebow or A.C. Green, who opted to keep his virginity during a long NBA career.

1986  Signed ball for auction!
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Or you could look at Bob Cousy.

The former Celtic is decades removed from his playing days - he's 85 now - and for most of those decades, his life has revolved around his wife, who recently died.

Try to read this story, to understand this man's devotion to his wife, without getting emotional. We dare you. We always respected him for his legacy with the Celtics, but we never knew what sort of man he was (or for that matter, what sort of woman his wife was). It's a remarkable love story. God bless the Cooz.