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Pitino Boots Benahan Indefinitely

Louisville's season took a considerable turn Thursday as Rick Pitino announced the suspension of forward Chane Benahan.  We run hot and cold on Pitino, to be honest, but we admire him for saying this:

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"This is a difficult one because the kid is a loveable young man. He’s a loveable guy. He really is. But if we don’t do something now, he has no chance to prosper later in life. We’re just using him for his basketball skills.

"This is not about basketball. This is about Chane Behanan becoming the person I think he can become."

That's admirable, but it's likely not true for his team now. Benahan provided a lot of power inside, and it won't be easy to make that up. However, Pitino has never been particularly limited by convention, and he may have some interesting alternatives in mind.

Update: Benahan's brother says he'll "definitely" be back.