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The Biggest Beneficiary Of Notre Dame To The ACC? Lacrosse

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For all the talk of football and basketball when it comes to Notre Dame's move to the ACC, and in fairness that's where the money is, it may turn out that the sport most affected is rapidly growing lacrosse.

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With Notre Dame joining, the ACC now boasts Duke, Maryland, Virginia, Carolina, and, next season, Syracuse. Although it's still a non-revenue sport, the ACC is now the dominant power in lacrosse, and it's not even close: since 1999, ten titles have been won by Syracuse, Virginia and Duke. In seven of those years, an ACC team (or soon-to-be ACC team) finished second.

With the level of talent and skill soon to be on display, don't be surprised to see lacrosse crowds in the ACC grow considerably.

Incidentally, when you look down the list of champs and runners-up, it's clear the hold lacrosse has in Maryland and Virginia. Virginia and Maryland are well represented, but you'll also see Towson, Navy, Johns Hopkins and Loyola popping up quite often. In fact, since 1999, those schools have finished first or second 11 times. It's not a conference and Virginia and Maryland of course overlap, but it'll be interesting to see if the ACC really takes control from the region.

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