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Announcing Our Latest Project & The 2012 DBR Fall Fundraiser!

Thanks to your support, we've been able to have Al Featherston and Jim Sumner contribute to DBR for the last several years. It's something that's not covered under our normal budget, so we've done a fundraiser each fall to pay them for their tremendous contributions. We're ready to kick that off again, but this year, with a special twist.
Last spring, we came up with the idea of an E-pub tournament preview for Duke. This fall, we're expanding on that.

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Contributors To The Fan's Guides
  • Barry Jacobs
  • Al Featherston
  • Jim Sumner
  • Joe Giglio
  • Carl Heimel
  • Ron Morris
  • Brick Oettinger
  • David Teel
  • Mike Waters
  • Brett Friedlander
  • Lauren Brownlow
  • Art Chansky
  • Eddy Landreth
  • A.J. Carr
  • Tim Peeler

With the considerable help of Barry Jacobs and a number of other veteran ACC writers (including Al and Jim), and with the help also of the newly revived and soon to relaunch Total Sports and Thinker Media, we're helping to produce digital Fan's Guides for Duke, State and Carolina.

Many of you will remember the original Barry Jacobs' ACC Fan's Guide. It was a huge asset for ACC fans up and down the conference. There was nothing else like it and nothing else has come along since that's even close.

These are going to be invaluable resources for fans of the Triangle ACC schools. They're packed full of interviews, analysis, stats, features, looks at the new players and photos, all by local ACC guys. And when we say local, we mean not just the Triangle, but Virginia, South Carolina, and,to get ready for the new guys up north, Mike Waters from Syracuse.

They're going to sell for $9.99 each or you can buy all three in one E-book for $19.99, which is what we'd do, because we love keeping up with the neighbors. It's part of what makes the Triangle so special.

So how does this tie into the fundraiser? Simple: for every donation we get over $50.00, we'll give you a copy. We know most of you guys will pick Duke, but you can have any of the three you choose.

The publications will be available to you on October 8th.  Between now and then, we're going to run some small excerpts so that you have an idea of how fun, cool and useful these are. We should also mention that the photos are gorgeous and look especially nice on tablets. We're thrilled to have Robert Crawford contribute; he's a superb sports photographer with vast experience.

We think that Triangle fans of all three schools will find lots to enjoy in these publications and moreover that they'll be useful throughout the season. And of course, while you can get them when you contribute to the fundraiser, you will also buy copies directly online soon. We'll post the details as soon as they're available.

Available For Download On October 8th
click for full size images!