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ESPN 50 For 50 - Four ACC Teams In Top Ten?

You've probably seen ESPN's countdown of the Top 50 programs of the last 50 years. Number one is a lead pipe cinch: UCLA has 11 titles. No one else is close.

The rest of the Top Ten should be interesting though. UNC will probably get #2 and Duke #3, or possibly they'll be flipped. Duke had a major dip in the early '70s and '80s, while UNC hit bottom in the '60s and then again under Matt Doherty. Both programs have won four titles in the last 50 years.

UNC has 16 Final Fours, 16 ACC Tournament titles and 26 regular season titles, while Duke has 15 Final Fours, 19 ACC Tournament titles and 17 regular season wins.

After that? In no particular order, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisville, Kansas, Syracuse, UConn, Arizona, Stanford, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech are all strong candidates.

We're not sure we would have put Wake and Tech in the Top Ten necessarily, but they sure as hell are in the Top 50.

If they're not, if San Francisco, LSU, Missouri and Xavier are ranked and they're not, it's a meaningless ranking, because both programs have been great.

As for the rest of the ACC, Maryland is #27, probably not high enough, State is #43 and BC is #50 but most of that is from the Big East.

State has two titles and a lot to brag about, but the long dry stretch between Valvano and Gottfried has been hard to overcome.