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ACC Schedule Out

The ACC schedule is out and for Duke, it's an interesting one. It's the first ever 18-game schedule of course, meaning just four teams are left out of the round robin. Although you never know, especially in the ACC, we'd expect Duke to win at home against Clemson and Georgia Tech. Virginia and Florida State will both be challenging on the road.

Home-and-home will be with all the other NC schools - UNC, State and Wake - as well as with Maryland, Miami, BC and Virginia Tech.

Wake, BC and Virginia Tech will all be rebuilding and will certainly be vulnerable. State will be itching for a rematch after the debacle in Cameron last year.

Most interesting of all perhaps is that UNC is scheduled in Cameron on Coach K's birthday.

Around the Triangle, State gets single games with Virginia Tech, Virginia, Maryland and Miami, and home-and-home with BC, Duke, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Wake Forest, UNC and FSU.

UNC's single encounters are with Clemson, Virginia Tech, Wake and B.C. Home-and-home are with Duke, State, UVa, Miami, Georgia Tech and Maryland.