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Doh Defends Peppers

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You know, while we know that poor grades doesn't necessarily equate to poor intelligence, we're still not sure that having Matt Doherty ride to your defense is something to be all that happy about.

But ride he did to the defense of Julius Peppers, calling him one of the smartest players he ever coached.

And then, just to stir the ACC waters a bit, he took after State fans, tossing out several Twitter insults, including Charles Shackleford's legendary amphibious line, which Doherty mangled a bit: he said: "A famous NC State player once said, I can go left, I can go right. I be amphibious!"

Well, not exactly. We could be wrong, but we're pretty sure he said "I guess I'm amphibious." But we're 99% positive he didn't say "I be amphibious."

Speaking of Doherty, there is an odd picture of him on this page with a cigar, a fish and a full white beard. And just below that is one of those re-dubbed scenes from "Downfall." Normally we just don't find Hitler all that funny, but whoever put this together had a good time poking fun at UNC.

In a related note, Robert Mercer, who was head of the academic support program, no longer is: he's been transferred to a different job.

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