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Ricky Price Update

One of the guys who we always thought would be great at Duke and never quite got there was Ricky Price. As you probably know, his career at Duke didn't end that well. In retrospect, both Price and Coach K agree he should've probably redshirted his senior year, but even so, he could have had a great role. That year was the year Duke lost a big lead to Kentucky and a big part of the reason they lost it was because they didn't have an answer for Wayne Turner.  It would have been a nice bit of redemption if Price could've been a stopper, because he would've been an ideal defender in that situation.

That's history and he's done a lot of things since then, including reconciling with Coach K.

He's also started his own company,, and is busy teaching kids about the game and life. He's turned out to be a great trainer and his story has turned out well.