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Women Finish French Tour With Big Win

Between the Olympics and other concerns not related to DBR, it's been a very busy July and August, so we apologize for not giving the women's tour of France the attention it deserves.

One of our all-time favorite women's players is Allison Vernerey, who, being a French native, has doubled as a tour and cultural guide for her teammates. We've always admired the way she carries herself, not least of all because she moved to a new country at the age of 18 entirely by herself.

For the final game of the French leg of the tour, she was able to host her teammates at her house.

They won the final game with ease, riding a 49-0 run to a 121-34 win over Geispolshiem.

The French games concluded, Duke heads off for two games in Italy before heading back to Durham.