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Latest On UNC Scandal

In the N&O's latest foray into the UNC mess, the paper shows how Julius Peppers essentially used AFAM classes to balance out his poor classwork elsewhere.

Peppers carried a 1.41 GPA when AFAM classes are excluded; in those, he pulled a 2.16. A 53% difference would tend to raise some eyebrows.

The article goes on to imply that UNC used the AFAM classes to goose GPAs and did so to keep players eligible.

Meanwhile, Jim Martin says that he will "go where the evidence takes us" as he begins to investigate the whole stinky mess. WRAL has this magnificent construct in their story: "The mounting evidence of no-show classes, altered grades, forged signatures and transcripts made public prompted the university to ask the former governor to lead the review in coordination with an outside consulting group."