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Another Bizarre UNC Twist

Here's a weird twist in the UNC scandal: Julius Pepper's agent, Carl Carey, apparently set up this site: Dirty Dan Kane.

Kane of course is the N&O reporter who's been digging into the UNC scandal. Here's the entire text of the ad:

Dan Kane, Raleigh News & Observer, in our opinion, sensationalizes stories&twists them to make them fantasy so that cynicism by readers takes over. A glaring example of his lack of ethical conduct, in our opinion, is his tabloid story about a "sports agent" teaching a class last summer at UNC-Chapel Hill. This webpage will remain up until Dirty Dan does THE RIGHT THING & investigates that class and how truly excellent it was. He knows nothing improper happened, but he doesn't want you to know...


If memory serves, Carey taught that class and was also Pepper's tutor at UNC.