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A Major Rip On UNC Athletics

Matt Hayes of The Sporting News says that what the NCAA is facing in Chapel Hill is a serious crisis for college athletics and much, much more critical than the neutron bomb which exploded belatedly at Penn State.

As you probably know, Julius Pepper's transcript appears to have been accidentally posted, and appears to follow the pattern we've seen with some other football players.

One question which just baffles us: throughout this investigation, UNC has been unfathomably, relentlessly, well...stupid. Smart people can either get to the bottom of something or obstruct. But what's happened here is just bizarre: State fans kicking the rears of UNC and NCAA folks and UNC just screwing up over and over again. It's really beyond comprehension.

Now that Peppers transcript appears to support a decade or more of athletic fraud, and also ties in the basketball team, perhaps it's time for a broader, more serious investigation.