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Catching Up A Bit On Stuff We Have Missed

We've been dealing with a large family reunion the last few days and so are a bit off our normal pace, for which we ask your understanding. We missed a few things, including this very cool article about the relationship between Nolan Smith and Quinn Cook. 

We also hadn't gotten a chance to discuss the much ballhooed trade of Dwight Howard, which also saw Chris Duhon become a Laker and Josh McRoberts move to the Magic.

Nor did we get a chance to note the vintage K response to a stupid reporter who wondered if the U.S actually needed coaching:

"None. None. You got it. Absolutely none. I'm out every night with my family, drunk as a skunk. Wait 'til you see me tonight. I'll get in at six. You're all invited to come out with me. We just roll out the damn ball. You got it. I don't know how you figured it out."

Apparently, some foreign journalists still misunderstood: “Kevin, Coach K says he has been going out drinking a lot. What have you …”

Gee, Australians.