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Who Wants To Get Into The Movies?

Every so often we get a chance to promote something worthwhile and to help somebody out. That's the case today as we get a chance to tell you about a cool prospective documentary about former baseball pitcher Dock Ellis.

We didn't know much about the guy but we've boned up a bit and it sounds like it will be a fascinating movie. Currently the guys who are working with it, including our new pal Jeffrey Radice, who graduated in 1992 with a degree in anthropology.

They're trying to raise money over at Kickstarter. So far, they've got about $20,000 and are shooting for $35,000 - but they have to get there by Tuesday.

These guys clearly know what they're doing, they have a great subject, and they deserve a shot.

We hope you guys will support Jeffrey and his colleagues and help this happen. Maybe someone could ask Elton Brand, who has had some success with producing, if he'd like to help out, or if not him, perhaps one of our NBA readers might be inclined to help a Crazie out. But however it happens, we hope they get there, and we hope you guys will help them make it.