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Pete Brennan Passes Away

We were sorry to hear that former UNC great Pete Brennan has died.

He was part of perhaps the most unappreciated ACC national title team, the 1957 group which knocked off Wilt Chamberlain and Kansas.

In what may be the most phenomenal accomplishment in the history of the Final Four - seriously, it's hard to think of anything that can top it - UNC won two triple overtime games and had to go through Chamberlain to do it. People have no understanding, really, of just how dominant he was. Of all the great centers - Russell, Jabbar, Walton, O' Neal - he was by far the most talented.

If that had happened in the modern era, it would be endlessly highlighted (and Chamberlain would have been a bigger target than he was before he won a title in 1967).

Brennan, a forward, pulled down a rebound after a free throw and went coast to coast to put the Michigan State game into triple overtime. Forwards didn't do that a lot in 1957.

That team is the only ACC team to go undefeated and win the national title. That it happened before the television era really shouldn't matter. It was a remarkable accomplishment.