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James Johnson May Be Up Against It

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When Virginia Tech fired Seth Greenberg, they probably figured they'd have lots of options for a new guy.

Didn't quite work out that way: former (but not by much) assistant James Johnson took the job and comes in with no head coaching experience. Needless to say, that's not the ideal situation in the ACC, given the wildly competitive nature of the conference. Consider the fates of Steve Robinson, Bob Wade and Bill Guthridge for example. Yes, Guthridge did well overall, but the program drew musty under his administration and collapsed under Matt Doherty.

Frank Haith split it down the middle: he was middling (at best) at Miami; at Missouri, he's been on fire.

Then again, some of the ACC's finest have started as assistants or guys with no collegiate head coaching experience: Everett Case, Dean Smith and Vic Bubas come to mind.

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