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Brickey Interview!

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Under Coach K, Duke has always been willing to put players in unconventional roles. Think about John Smith at center, or Chris Carrawell at, well, wherever they wanted him.

Shane Battier once said his role was to "run around and make things happen."

Still, our favorite player of this type has probably always been Robert Brickey: essentially, his ability to get off the ground, combined with his long arms, made him a 6-5 center, which allowed Danny Ferry, five inches taller, to move to the perimeter and to take advantage of his many skills (it also allowed Duke to mask some of his shortcomings very effectively).

As a matter of fact, we're convinced that Duke, not Michigan would have won the national title in 1989 had Brickey not been injured in the Final Four game against Seton Hall.

If memory serves, Duke was up by 18 when he went down and lost by 18.

Anyway, Robert is a really good guy, so we encourage you to listen to this interview with Dave Glenn.

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