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One Day Til Draft

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The draft is coming on Thursday night and before we get into anything else, we wanted to mention that we'll have a mock draft posted on Thursday morning as compiled by members of our board.

The first pick is set unless someone in New Orleans is a complete idiot. ESPN sees the next few picks going thusly:

2.Bobcats: Thomas Robinson

3. Wizards: Bradley Beal

4. Cavaliers: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

5. Sacramento: Harrison Barnes

What's interesting here is that, according to Chad Ford (story is firewalled unfortunately), both guys hate the idea of being in Sacto.

We can't imagine passing on Kidd-Gilchrist for Barnes, but we don't paid for analyzing the holes in their lineup either.

Here's Barry Jacobs, by the way, with two scouts who have very different opinions on Barnes.

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