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Sandusky/Penn State: Should There Be More Indictments?

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Early on in the Jerry Sandusky imbroglio, it seemed as if there was an urge among Penn State folk to more or less sweep it under the rug.

One of the few things, aside from his conviction, that was satisfying about the trial was realizing that that initial impression was wrong: there was a real exultation in the courthouse, and outside, upon his conviction.

Penn State people very much want to believe in the worldview they had before the radon bomb that was Jerry Sandusky poisoned their world, and the fact that they had no mercy for this man, no desire to obfuscate, was very, very much a positive.

Yet there were people at the university who could probably have stopped it. Mike Wise argues in the Post that former A.D. Tim Curley and former Vice President Gary Schultz should also go to jail. If it is proven that Curley knew anything and didn't act, we'd have no argument. If it turns out that Schultz, who is accused of keeping a secret file on Sandusky, did and then did nothing, he deserves whatever comes his way.

Mrs. Sandusky? We don't know what to think there honestly. As we said before, we felt obliged to tune a lot of it out; it was just so completely indecent and shocking and, well, sickening.

Then again, we're well removed from it. Mrs. Sandusky was not. If it is proven that she knew and did nothing, well, she's as guilty as her husband.

If the allegations against them stand up, there should be no mercy. And after the Sandusky verdict, we're pretty sure that the place any of them would find the least mercy would be in Happy Valley.

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