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Parkers Restrict Contact By Coaches

We have to say, whether he ends up at Duke or not, we're getting a big kick out of Jabari Parker, who is confounding expectations on a regular basis.

We're not sure but we're guessing he'll the first McDonald's All-American who is African-American and Mormon.

To add to his list of Things Big Shot Players Shouldn't Do Or Be, Parker hasn't ruled out a Mormon Mission, which must be just baffling to any number of coaches, not to mention writers, who, swimming in waters which are excrement filled, rarely come across a kid who is so serious about his faith.

Now, he and his family have decided that, despite the recent NCAA reforms regarding electronic communications, coaches won't be getting his number: everything is going through his parents.

The new NCAA rules are a new frontier and having already said he's basically sick of recruiting already, it's not a big surprise that they're limiting contact, although we're guessing more than a few coaches will not understand.

Some of the guys who could just as easily be in sales will have a very tough time being told no.

Remember USC's Henry Bibby? At times he would send kids dozens of letters everyday. The temptation to tweet someone into the dirt would be overwhelming for a guy like that.

But Parker clearly is a different sort of cat, and odds are he won't be lured by the normal sort of bait some coaches use.

Just as an aside, as you may remember, Duke has had two Mormon players, Chris Burgess and Matt Christensen. Burgess declined to take his mission; Christensen took his.