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Lorenzo Brown Having Exploratory Knee Surgery

We were really sorry to hear that Lorenzo Brown will be having knee surgery Tuesday. He had a wonderful year for State this past season and the future appears quite bright, but his knee has been bothering him and the doctors are trying to figure out why.

However, State fans shouldn't worry too much, because this is one of those relatively rare situations where incoming freshmen may be better than the guard(s) that are on hand and an injury may not be as big a deal as it would be otherwise.

Tyler Lewis is as good a point guard as State has gotten in some time, and Rodney Purvis, at least in terms of talent, is probably more promising than Brown.

What he has that will be difficult to replace is experience. As bad as the meltdown in Cameron was last year, State's vets will probably not let it happen again. Plus Brown has been in every ACC arena and to the Sweet 16.

Still, Lewis and Purvis are unusually mature players. They may be able to surprise.

And anyway, it's not clear how serious the surgery is or how long he'll be out. So it could be a lot of concern about nothing.