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Battier, Heat Triumph

Nobody would say that Shane Battier would have won the NBA title without LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Crish Bosh, but you can certainly argue the opposite: last year, this team had much of the same talent but it was flaky and unfocused.

Battier doesn't do that and none of his teams ever have. He grows on them and he clearly had a positive impact on the Heat, just as he did at Duke and Detroit Country Day.

By the way, one of his less-visible teammates currently is Juwan Howard, a former member of the Fab 5 and the last one still standing. Unless we're forgetting something, Howard is the only member of the Fab 5 to win a championship after graduating from high school.

With the Heat victory, attention now turns to the Olympics.

Along those lines, the Aussies put their team together and have Paddy Mills, but not Andrew Bogut, who is out with an ankle injury.