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A Lovely And Thoroughly Admirable Woman

Every so often we come across something wholly unrelated to what we usually talk about here that we want to pass on. So it is with this video of a World War II widow who waited to find out what happened to her husband until...well, basically now.

The only way we can think of to say this is that Peggie Harris is an amazingly good person. The most devastating quote in here is when she says "Billy was married to me for the rest of his life and I choose to be married to  him for all of my life."

Her Congressman, Mac Thornberry, didn't even bother to research when she asked him to investigate, but his cousin looked into it and found he had been buried at Normandy. She now sends flowers 10 times a year and is, the natives believe, the last widow who still visits.

The scenes in a town called Les Ventes, where a street was long ago named for her husband who crashed his plane there, but only after making sure he missed the town, are also remarkably powerful. She's an elderly woman now of course, and she makes annual pilgrimages to Normandy, where the residents of Les Ventes have totally adopted her. She's a radiantly beautiful woman and someone to be admired and emulated.