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Georgia Tech Gets A Very Important Recruit

You know, we're fans of the entire ACC, and we want the conference as a whole to do well. So when a school gets a big recruit, we're pretty happy about it. So it goes with Georgia Tech getting their point guard of the future.

The Yellow Jackets got a commitment from  Poole, 6-1, out of Florida, who will join his brother, Kentucky transfer Stacey.

So let's see...aside from the Poole brothers, soon to supplant the Plumlees as the brothers of record in the ACC, Tech will also have highly regarded 6-9 Robert Carter, almost as highly regarded Marcus Hunt (6-6) and 6-3 Chris Bolden. All three are Top 30 recruits for 2012; Poole is a Top 10 recruit for 2013.

That's just about a starting lineup, and it could be as good as anyone else's in the ACC. Toss in a sparkling new take on the Thriller Dome, and the good times are almost back.

Take that, add in the rapid recoveries at State and Maryland, toss in solid coaches at Virginia and Clemson, and the future looks very bright indeed for the ACC.

By the way, Tech may also be looking at 'Nova's Markus Kennedy, though it's not clear that the 6-9, 250 lb. big man is definitely transferring.