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The Heir To Air?

Here's an interesting note: Justin Jordan kind of blew up all of a sudden and is getting interest from lots of places, not least of all Virginia, a place his dad says the family "loved".

Say, that name rings a bell...

Michael's kids haven't had much luck, but his nephew may turn out to be a steal. Check out what Muggsy Bogues, who has worked with him, has to say: "You're going to think I'm crazy for saying this, and I'm not sure you're ready to hear this, but he reminds me a lot of his uncle Michael. The ways he moves, the movement in his long strides, the way he handles the ball and the way he has his uncle's athletic traits. He moves just like his uncle, how he goes between his legs...

"He's going to be his own player of course, but the way he plays just reminds me of his uncle."

He's 6-2 now, but he's got time to grow a few inches.