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Sam Smith's Latest Offering

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So Sam Smith thinks the Bulls should trade Luol Deng to get a crack at Harrison Barnes in the upcoming NBA draft. Most interesting. May we suggest a thought experiment? Consider the following former ACC greats, or at least the ones you were lucky enough to see play:

  • Jason Williams
  • Tyler Hansbrough
  • Steve Blake
  • Grant Hill
  • Buck Williams
  • Kenny Dennard
  • Michael Jordan
  • David Henderson
  • Christian Laettner
  • Mitch Kupchak
  • Steve Wojciechowski

Now imagine any of these players near a loose ball rolling towards the baseline. You know what would happen, right? Every guy on this list would be horizontal, flying after the ball.

Now imagine Barnes in the same situation and ask yourself: can you ever remember seeing him seriously dive for a loose ball? With absolutely no restraint?

Barnes is always - and we mean always - second on the scene.

Unless a shot is available. Thenhe gets there in a hurry. People caught on to an extent this past season; they'll see soon enough in the NBA.

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