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J'Accuse! Geno Auriemma Sued

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Traditionally, the deal at UConn has been that Jim Calhoun's program regularly embarrasses the university as a whole while Geno Auriemma shoots off his mouth and irritates loads of people, Calhoun included, but there's no real issues with him other than being something of a jerk.

Well that may change now: Auriemma is being sued for employment discrimination by one Kelly Hardwick, who - okay, hang on a second.

The mess with Louisville's Rick Pitino centered around a woman named Cypher. Auriemma gets Hardwick? Is there no one named Smith or Jones capable of being in the middle of one of these deals?

Okay, back to it.

Hardwick says that Auriemma tried to kiss here while on a USA Basketball trip to Russia in 2009 and afterwards, uncomfortable with her being around, had her removed from the security detail.

Auriemma says that "[t]his claim is beyond false. I will defend myself to the fullest, and I'm confident that the truth will ultimately prevail. In the meantime, I remain focused on representing the United States this summer and getting our team ready to compete for the gold medal."

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