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Williams Pushes Back Against Academic Questions

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Not surprisingly, Ol' Roy Williams defended his program and players against concerns that some of them may have shown up in some of the fraudulent classes taught by members of the Department of African and Afro-American Studies.

This follows Monday comments by UNC system president Tom Ross, who said

"I believe that this was an isolated situation and that the campus has taken appropriate steps to correct problems and put additional safeguards in place."

This immediately raises two responses: 1) saying that they did the work assigned would be perfectly true even if no work was assigned, and 2) it'd be nice to know what makes Ross so certain.

Keep in mind that this scandal began when Marvin Austin tweeted too much information about his whereabouts and activities, and that it accelerated when N.C. State fans embarrassed their rivals by uncovering Michael McAdoo's plagiarism in about five minutes.

Given what we know so far, and the university's rather inept investigation, if they expect to be taken seriously, they'll need to offer more concrete information than this. It's not about agents and tutors anymore. Now it's about academic fraud, and that goes right to the heart of any university. They would be well advised to be thorough and as public as possible.

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