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UNC Scandal - Could It Get Worse Yet?

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As much as UNC would no doubt like the football/academic scandal to go away, it may have a lap or two left - particularly in light of this story the N&O posted Monday night. In it we learn that of the suspect 54 classes which have been implicated in academic fraud, almost 40% of the students were football or basketball players.

Since football offers more than six times as many scholarships, it's not surprising to learn that of that 39%, football took 36% and basketball 3%.

Having investigated their own institution, UNC now assures that there is no need to investigate any further, but it is curious that such a striking percentage of the students come from these two teams.

Fortunately, the N&O doesn't concur and is clearly looking into things.  So at some point perhaps we'll have clarity.

Or perhaps this is another chance for State fans to embarrass the profession of journalism again.

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