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A Sorrowful Passing

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Doc Watson was one of those older guys in North Carolina who just always seemed to be there, a fixture, like Richard Petty, Andy Griffith, Billy Graham, William Friday or Earl Scruggs.

Those guys have informed and shaped the culture of this state and been enormously influential.

So we were really sorry to see Watson passed away Tuesday. Aside from being a brilliant, transcendent musician, he was immensely decent and humble.

Just the best sort of person, in other words. This state has produced phenomenal talent in many fields - Watson, James Taylor, Fred Chappell, Reynolds Price, Theolonius Monk, Tori Amos, David Thompson, Ryan Adams, Charles Kuralt, Thomas Wolfe, Ava Gardner, Ben Folds, Roberta Flack, David Brinkley, David Sedaris - but the best of them inherited a bit of the attitude guys like Watson passed down.

Everyone will carry on, as they always do, but he takes a bit of the heart of this place with him.

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