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Roy's Very Smart Hire

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A few days ago, Ol' Roy Williams was talking about his open staff position and said that while some of his Kansas players were interested, he'd be hiring a UNC guy.

On Wednesday, he announced that the new coach would be Hubert Davis. It was a very smart choice.

Davis has spent the better part of a decade pontificating on ESPN. He's been very good - his Q rating must be quite high. He's highly polished and comes across as a really nice guy, which he probably is.

Because of this, he has the potential to be a really effective recruiter, and not just with the kids who have seen him the last several years.

Lefty Driesell used to always stress recruiting the mom. That, he said, was how you get the kid.

Davis is likely to be devastating in that capacity.

One of the things that'll be really interesting will be to see if UNC finds ways to keep him in the public eye.  In Dean Smith's day, Dean was firm that the program should have just one public face. With certain demographics, Davis is likely better known than his new boss. That really doesn't happen too often at a major basketball program.

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