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Butler Pulls The A-10 Trigger

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The move to the A-10 puts Butler in a better conference, to be sure, but opinions vary on the wisdom of the move.

Mike DeCourcy thinks it's a bad idea; Gary Parrish is skeptical. SI's Luke Winn thinks they'll be fine.

Butler's new president is thinking beyond basketball and hopes that the exposure will help to improve the overall quality of their student body.

Brad Stevens is perhaps being diplomatic when he says this:

“It’s something that’s very good in a lot of ways. I trusted our leaders to make this decision because they really, truly have a great vision for where we need to go.

“Where we need to go is aligned directly with where the school needs to go. I think that’s the cool part of working here.”

Or maybe not. The A-10 does offer a better platform and Butler has a much better chance of an at-large bid now.

It's true that in some ways they're outmatched, but it's a gutty little school. We're guessing they'll make it work somehow.

By the way, the Brad Stevens with spectacles look? That's over: Stevens has had laser surgery. He says he's thrilled.

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