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Devils Fall To Terps In Lax Tourney

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Duke made it to the semifinals of the lacrosse tournament but fell to Maryland, 16-10.

Coach John Danowski said this after the game: "We'd like to congratulate the University of Maryland, their players and their staff on a terrific performance. They were certainly up to the task today, and I thought they were terrific in many phases of the game. I think we were disappointed.  If I have time to look back, I'm just so emotional and so close to the game, I don't know if we played as well as we think we're capable, but that may have been due to the University of Maryland and how well they played.  We know that by maybe looking at the film. I'm very proud of my guys.  Very proud of the way they fought, you know, tried to give it a run."

Maryland will play Loyola in the finals, and we'll be pulling for the Terps. The ACC is the best lacrosse league in the country and we'd like to see the title go to an ACC team. So...Go Terps!

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