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Grant Hill Rolls On

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Nearly 40, Grant Hill has no intention of slowing down and in fact is not that far away from the oldest players ever to play in the league.

You can toss out Bob Cousy, who had a very brief stint as player-coach for the Cincinnati Royals at the age of 41, and also Nat Hickey, who played one game at the age of 45 at the very dawn of the NBA.

In more modern terms, it's mostly been big men: Kevin Willis played until 44, though he only played five games in his final season and missed the year before that entirely. Robert Parish until 43, Dikembe Mutombo and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar until 42, Herb Williams and Charles Jones to 41, and Karl Malone to 40.

Michael Jordan played effectively at 40, and most amazingly perhaps, John Stockton made it to 41 despite his very small (by NBA standards) size.

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