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Fab Five Again Rejected By Michigan

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So as it turns out, Michigan is not going to re-embrace the Fab Five era; their banners will not be going back up. Jalen Rose is somewhat offended by this, saying that "I think it was unnecessary. Flagrant. Defiant. But it was honest, and I respect that. If they choose not to embrace the Fab Five era, if they choose not to embrace us individually or as a team or the things we brought to the table, I really have no bitterness. I'm not mad at it.

"What's going to happen, though? … When you turn your back directly or indirectly on something that was so good to you, you're never going to get the true foundation of a program to build upon."

Rose continues the mistake he made with his recent criticisms of Duke's program, confusing resentment with accomplishment.

The Fab Five made the Final Four twice, both times breaking NCAA rules to get there. You don't have to like the rules or approve of them, but once you promise to abide by the rules any organization has, you should do it or go somewhere else where the rules are more to your liking.

They didn't win anything otherwise, not even the Big Ten regular season. If that's good enough for him, then fine. But the shame of it is that they could have been much more than they were, and they ended up disgracing the program they all claim to love.

The true foundation of the Fab Five era was cheating and short cuts. Michigan is probably wise to put some distance between themselves and that legacy.

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