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Hansbrough Gets Rough!

Tyler Hansbrough has an unfortunate habit of being at the intersection of violent on-court collisions. In college of course, there was the Gerald Henderson situation where Henderson bloodied his nose and Hansbrough ultimately had oral surgery.

In the pros, he's had a run-in with Mike Dunleavy, Udonis Haslem and most recently, he threw his own hard foul on Dywane Wade in Game 5 of the Pacers-Heat series. Better be careful; Haslem is a throwback enforcer.

The motion here is very similar to what Henderson did, although Henderson's elbow connected and in this case, it was Hansbrough's hand.

Back in the day, Bill Russell said there was an unspoken agreement among players to keep their nails trimmed. Perhaps that's no longer being observed.

By the way, remember AJ Price, the UConn guard who got caught up in the laptop theft scandal? Check out this charming bit of interaction with Psycho T. Apparently Hansbrough is not universally loved by his teammates.