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Duke's Spring Bounce Back

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As you know, there was a sense this spring that Duke was entering into an Annus horribilis. Fortunately, it didn't end up that way, and in fact it may have just been a misconception.

Stephen Schramm points to Coach K's last run with the Olympics as a positive, as well as Mason Plumlee's return and Amile Jefferson's arrival as well.

Lenox Rawlings questions whether or not Jefferson is an immediate game changer, and he may well not be, at least not in the conventional sense. As a freshman he won't have to be.

If he is solid defensively, that could be a game changer in and of itself.

Schramm might have mentioned, perhaps in conjunction with Jefferson, the arrival of Rasheed Sulaimon.

The two of them together could nail down a ferocious defense. Plumlee has been an excellent defender throughout his career, and Tyler Thornton is very tough on D. Having that many defenders will mean lots of blocks, turnovers and fast breaks, which is probably what the staff, and fans, prefer.

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