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An FSU Update

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It's really hard to know exactly what is going on at FSU, but based on the changing tones we're hearing, our guess is that the faction pushing for the Big 12 is, for the moment, in retreat.

Consider Jimbo Fisher's more recent comments: "We're in the ACC. We're happy to be here. … We have a good football conference."

President Eric Barron's statement was to an extent a wet blanket. Among other things, he pointed out that the Texas schools are going to play each other, that that would leave, for FSU, predictable games with KU K-State, Iowa State and West Virginia, with games against the real football powers on a much less regular basis.

He also argued that travel to farther destinations would eat up any advantage the Big 12 contract, not yet finalized by the way, might offer - and that Kansas and Iowa State are not likely to be big hits at home either.

He goes on to point out that the ACC buyout, somewhere between $20-25 million, would have to come from the boosters, who so far haven't been able to make up the much smaller operating deficit (less than $3 million). Maybe they can get T. Boone Pickens to do it.

Meanwhile, over in Tornado Alley, Texas AD DeLoss Dodds, perhaps testing his new commissioner, stepped up to the plate and volunteered this, as tweeted by Kirk Bohls of the Austin rag: Texas AD DeLoss Dodds says there "have been no conversations" between Big 12 and Florida State.

New Commissioner Bob Bowlsby had previously made it clear he wasn't going to be pushed around by Texas, saying that "I guess I would just suggest that you do a little more homework on me. I haven't been very good at being a puppet over the years."

Matt Connor of SBNation thinks this was Texas showing Bowlsby just who wears the chaps in the Big 12, which is something else for FSU hotheads to consider. Along the same lines, Barron points out that the Texas schools actually have much more power than do the North Carolina schools in the ACC.

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