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UNC Prof Speaks Out

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The situation at UNC may or may not get a full investigation - it's impossible to know given privacy laws and so forth - but at least one faculty member has made his disgust clear.

History professor Jay Smith says a number of things in this article, but none more damning than this: “We had all this news about a rogue tutor. There was a rogue assistant coach, a rogue agent, now, a rogue faculty member and a rogue administrative assistant. That's a lot of rogues."

UNC is also considering taking action against Julius Nyang’oro, the professor at the center of the academic fraud investigation. Nyang’oro set up several summer classes as lectures only to convert them to independent study classes.

Given the high percentage of football and basketball players who took the fraudulent classes, we'd be curious to know just how many were in the no-show classes for which he may be punished.

The longer this drags out the worse the black eye gets. UNC would be smart to let some heads roll and get to the absolute truth, whatever it is and however painful it may be.

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