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Collins Opts To Stick With Duke

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As you probably know, Chris Collins has significant family ties to Illinois State. His parents met there and his father, Doug, was a sensational player (and, unusually at the time, a 6-6 guard to boot).

Nonetheless, Collins took his name out of consideration for the head coaching job.

This spring, he has either pursued or expressed interest or been linked to three jobs in his home state: Illinois, Northwestern and now Illinois State.

Clearly, it won't be long until he's a head coach.

Here's his statement:

"With my family legacy at Illinois State, I have a great love and strong emotional ties to the university. Illinois State is a terrific university with an excellent basketball tradition and future. I have a strong desire to be a head coach but after conversations with Mr. Friedman I came to the determination that it was not the right fit for me and the university at this time. It is an honor to be in consideration for the opening at my parents’ alma mater and I look forward to watching the entire athletic and academic community at Illinois State continue to grow and prosper."