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Jordan's New Skill Set Lacking?

It's pretty rare for people to be great at two things: Les Paul invented the electric guitar and overdubbing. Bob Knight says that former Red Sox star Ted Williams was the greatest hitter who ever lived and also the best fisherman. He could have tossed in great pilot for that matter.

Michael Jordan was one of the two best basketball players who ever lived. We put him behind Bill Russell, who won the final game of the year every year after his sophomore season at San Francisco except for two, and he was injured for the end of his second season in the NBA. No one comes close to that.

Still, Russell was not much of a coach after he retired, and his passion for the game had left by the time he became a general manager.

Jordan? Hard to say. A lot of people think he's not really interested in being an executive.

However, things could change fast. If the Bobcats get the first pick in the lottery, they'll get Anthony Davis, assuming he comes out. He's a change agent to say the least.

That's relying on luck though. Jordan never backed down from a challenge before; it's hard to imagine that he will now. However, it was hard to imagine Russell's fire burning out too.

On the other hand, we saw Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's excellent documentary on the Harlem Rens recently and one of the guests suggested that Russell couldn't have handled Jordan.

The fire heated up pretty quickly as Russell made it clear he thought he could handle Jordan. Too bad we'll never know.