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Trent Johnson's Weird Move

When you stop and think about it, it doesn't really make sense for Trent Johnson to leave LSU for TCU. Why? Unless he's really unhappy or insecure about his job?

LSU is a better basketball school in a stronger conference. TCU is off for the Big 12, but so what? They're probably not going to get markedly better.

The Duke connection of course is that Johnson worked for former Duke A.D. Joe Alleva, and when he left Stanford for LSU, Miles Plumlee re-opened his recruitment, ending up at Duke.

The LSU job is now open, and for the right guy, who is comfortable with the standards of the Situational Ethics Conference, it's a great gig.

Of course, that's presuming that Alleva makes a better hire this time: Johnson was 67-64 with the Tigers. His career arc is not impressive: Nevada to Stanford to LSU to TCU.

If he keeps this up he'll get Isaiah's old job.

Or maybe Hawaii, where rainbows like his are common and expectations modest.