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Don't Mess With The Coach

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You know, there are some guys you probably just don't want to cross, and despite his genial public nature, Tom Izzo is probably one of them: after Derrick Nix was busted for suspicion of operating a vehicle with any presence of drugs and possession of marijuana, Izzo said this: "Based on the information we have received, Derrick Nix has been suspended indefinitely from our basketball team, and his future with our program is uncertain." He made an irresponsible decision that has put his future with our program in serious jeopardy."

There was none of the Calhoun-ish "we'll deal with it internally," or pretending nothing had happened. At the very least, Nix (and teammates) was bound to have gotten a message: don't mess with Coach.


Shortly after we read the above, we saw that Duke wide receiver Tyree Watkins was busted for allegedly assaulting a female on Morgan Street. According to the Herald-Sun, the complainant alleges that Watkins "pulled her out of a car, grabbed her by her neck and choked her, causing her to hit her head against a wall."

Wednesday afternoon he ran into his own brick wall in one David Cutcliffe, who has long since made clear that he runs a tight ship. Watkins is no longer on the Duke football team.

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