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Lay Off Britney

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This whole business of bashing Britney Griner just sort of came out of left field for us. Why? What's the problem?

She's a kid who grew really tall and who has exceptional ability at a wonderful game. The reactions are weird.

Weirdest perhaps was the reaction to Notre Dame coach Muffet McGraw, who said that "She’s one of a kind. She’s like a guy playing with women. It’s just there’s so many things that she can do that I’ve not seen a lot of women (do)."

Well, if you want to pick on someone, maybe consider picking on a grown woman who is still called Muffet, but she's right: she's way beyond anyone in the women's game. It's like Wilt Chamberlain showing up and just obliterating the NBA with the exception of Bill Russell's Celtics. Griner is freakish in the same way, and to an extent people are reacting the same way.

Only in her case, she's a woman, and some people aren't prepared to see a woman play like that.

Too bad, because she's great and she's probably the best thing to ever happen to women's basketball. No one's ever seen anything quite like her and we may never see anyone like her again.

Maybe everyone should just enjoy the fact that we have a prodigy who is in the midst of revolutionizing her sport. That doesn't happen very often.  Let the kid be herself.

Aside from everything else, isn't her attitude about rushing off to play professionally refreshing? What's not to like?

"Everybody tells me I can make millions, but money isn't everything. Money doesn't buy happiness. And I made a commitment. When I make a commitment, I keep my word. And these are your best years, in college. I'm just trying to have my full experience. It was never tempting. I never really even had to think or debate about it."

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